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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

new life for old shit.

if you've been tuning in i've mentioned a couple times that i've been cleaning out my closet.

i decided to pull all the clothes out and get rid of shit.

so i made decisions based on this...

a) clothes that no longer reflected my style today. 

b) worn out shitty looking clothes. 

c) clothes that hold some connection with emotional baggage. 
i got that bad chi out of the house. 

d) colors that don't look good with my new silver hair. 
brown, tan, khaki. soooo boring and just bad.

e) clothes that did not fit TODAY.

no more hanging on to clothes with the thought that if i just lose 10 or 20lbs.
it's fucking masochistic to keep around anything that reinforces negative bullshit!!! 

get that shit out of your closet and out of your life. 
fuck off skinny jeans! 

i only want clothes that i love. 
i only want clothes that feel good on my skin. 
i only want clothes that feel good emotionally. 
i only want clothes that feel like me.

so i've been rebuilding a new intentionally small but happy wardrobe. 

i sorted the clothes for donation or re-purpose. 
i had very little left to put back in the closet i purged hard and heavy handed even bras and shoes didn't escape my rampage.
it was extremely cathartic.

i've given a couple sweaters a new life here (purple) and here (green). 
sewn up a couple new skirts. 
i've been making some fun jewelry too.
i've selectively bought a couple new basic foundation pieces.

a fashion blogger i am not
but this is what i have going on these days....
one of the skirts i made and a cuff bracelet that was made from re-purposed cloth from my old clothes! 

cuff was made from re-purposed linen, wool, leather flower cut from leather winter glove! hardware salvaged from old jacket.
here's a full view of my skirt and yep that's my T & A! hahahaha 

how are you feeling about your closet these days? 
have you ever purged to the point of having almost nothing left? 
do you sew your own clothes? 

enjoy the day! 

Friday, May 29, 2015

random shit friday

random dicks.
are you happy because it's friday or is that a dick bottle opener in your pocket?

another thing for my daughters to fight over when i'm dead! 
michele brought this back for me from greece. 

need your ice cold beer opened? let me pull out my cock opener. 
'cause we keep shit classy 'round here and shit.

random lovelies. 
ghaaaaa i got smelly mail!!!!! 
the lovely clare at girl fifteen is making the most gorgeous handmade natural products! 
she's blending fantastic scents!

thank you so much clare!!!! you really spoiled me!!! just fantastic all of it... the quality, the scent combination, the packaging!  
let me know when you're ready to market because the holidays will be here before we know it. 

random sewing.
i've been working on more sweaters. 
this is the back side of one of the coldwater creek sweaters that shrank up in my closet.

random sweary shit.
do you want to come round for tea?
my cup is here! 
btw this was my 11th month of no color/dye picture. 

randomly growing shit.
other things that take a long time to grow.... 
i'm growing a lemon tree.
you know that 'how to grow a lemon tree from seed' pin that's been floating around on the pinsy forever.... well i did it last summer. i had 2 make it. this is mr lemon head. 
i hope someday it can be bothered to make lemons for my tea or a gin&tonic.

random listening.
a little matthew fowler. 

if you're into spotify like i am you can pleasure yourself on more of his music here.

random cooking.
i did a little entertaining this week and whipped up some of my fuck-you-jet-lag-brownies for the travelers. 
safe travels ladies back to the motherland! 

okay that's it have a good friday! 

Friday, May 8, 2015

random shit friday.

random words.
when i see the word 'ditto' i see 'dildo' every single time.

random laughing.
i can't look at a 'where's waldo' without thinking 'where's dildo'.

welcome to my mind. 
not sorry. 

random sewing. 
i have a small stack of clothes i don't wear for various reasons.
i also don't have that many clothes because excess and hording makes me nauseous...
but i have hung onto this stack to make new clothes out of the fabrics.... clothes with a story and good karma....

i made a shopping mistake a few years ago in the states while visiting. 
i bought sweaters from 'coldwater creek' in great colors. 
$50 sweaters that were marked to $10 each. who could resist!
i washed once they were never the same. 
man that pisses me off when it happens. 

the whole bodice shrank up drastically, sleeves were good though, weird.
so no more buttoning over my boobyliciousness. 
so anyway i cut this lavender one up and gave it a new pretty life.
i cut the buttons off. extended the front. 

i cut the body of the sweater and extended the length with the dotty fabric.
flipped the bottom knitting inside out and sewed it back on. 

added big grandma pockets for tissues and chapstick. 

i did lots of little embroidery here and there. added a little funky pocket to the back between the shoulder blades too. 

it's more of a sweater jacket now. 
i love it so much i'm going to cut up the rest of the sweaters and do fun things. 

from dildos to grandma sweaters. 
i shrug and roll on.

random cooking. 
when we travel i come home inspired and cook like mad.
we were just in paris for our 5th wedding anniversary. 
tasting good food fires up my passion to make good food at home.

i made this carrot 'spread' today for our weekend shindig. 
the flavors are fantastic! 
i also made some homemade sage-parm crackers, which was a recipe i made up. those are pretty damn yum. 
maybe i'll share those some time. 
obviously not the finished spread. but i loved the colors and the fresh herbs smell so good. 

random kindness.
sara over at embrace life. be inspired. sent me this framed picture and the nicest of notes!
'love people. cook them tasty food.'
it's pretty much my mantra!
she said she thought of me when she came upon it. that just made my day! 
ps. it went right in the kitchen and our kitchen is black (yes it really is!) and that frame was perfect!
thank you also for the photo i won! it's one of my very favorites! 

random listening.
anne and pete sibley's new album 'extraordinary life' has been the perfect companion with my morning tea and the backdrop to evening cocktails and ramblings.
here's the whole album on spotify. to pleasure you.

random friend making.
i love emma's style. she's a sweary fucker like the lot i run with.
and speaking of sweary fuckers it was no coincidence that we bumped into each other over at reannon's place. 

that's it for the random shit friday. 
it's gin o'clock here... 
have a good weekend everybody!

Saturday, April 25, 2015

april in paris.

i'm back! 
what a wonderful anniversary trip! 
tom surprised me biggie big time! 
i didn't know where we were going until we walked into the airport.
i yelled out... PARIS! SHUT UP! oh yes, i did! 
pretty much the best husband EVER! 

life is damn good.
i sang april in paris every day! people looked. i didn't care.

best husband ever!

the wine. the pastry. the chocolate. the cheese.
the flowers. the gardens.
the history. the architecture. 
the art. the markets. the people.
the lingering in cafes holding hands, whispering, laughing.
the exquisite romance of it all.


Friday, April 10, 2015

random shit friday.

hey happy friday!
i think it's safe to say spring is here. 
she's pretty slow to show herself in this part of the world. 
the trees are juuuuuuust starting to bud out. 
really no flowers yet.
a week ago we had a pretty good chunk of snow fall on us.
thankfully that shit is gone.  

other than the weather here's what's been going on for the last few weeks. 
the husband came home SICK from his last business trip. 
he spent twelve days in a bathrobe on the sofa.

he really thought it was only 4 days.
i had to show him a timeline. he didn't believe me.
how fucked up is it when you lose that many days from ''a little flu'' and can't get your head around how many days had passed. 

there was 3 trips to the hospital an abscess and a procedure that included a scope through the nose. 

his bug had complications and shit got real.
i'm still shuttttttering and it wasn't even me. 

every time i had a little cough or sneezed i was sure i was going down too.
knock on wood i seem to escaped it. 
we leave next week for the surprise (i don't know where we are going) anniversary trip so i refuse to get sick dammit!!!  

i busted out several quiet time projects during the flu from hell. 
i've been hoarding a stack of fabulous high quality wool felt 
from this shop  for a few years. 

i wasn't sure what i was going to do with it but this spring wreath project is what it became.

easter was a bit of a shit fest because of the flu. 
tom had toast.
i had 2 gin & tonics and bowl of popcorn. dinner is served. bam.
that wasn't the worst holiday i've ever had by a long shot! 
i hope yours was better than mine though!

now that our little world is back to normal i made
this butternut & red lentil soup so good! 
this cinnamon white blondie and
this banana cake for a birthday man-boy. 

no idea but this word has been stuck in my head all day...
it's such a sexy word. 
i told you this was random shit friday. 

okay then it's about time for one of those gin & tonics for me as for the rest of you.... 
take out your party tit and enjoy the weekend! 

Thursday, March 26, 2015

shit talk'n on the month of march

taking stock.

making : myself a poncho. i love how it turned out. i haven't hooked in 30 yrs. i'll show you the finished product later. 

cooking : warming up some most delicious vegetable soup for lunch.

drinking : tea. i drink pukka brand tea it's my very favorite. what's yours? 

reading: really nothing right now. anyone have a good book to throw my way?! 

wanting: to see some spring flowers in bloom.

looking: out the window the snow from yesterday is melting away.

playing: some cooking music. kacey musgraves 'same trailer different park' cd
THIS SONG. shit yes.

follow your arrow .... 
''you're damned if you do
you're damned if you don't.
so you might as well just do whatever you do.
make lots of noise. 
kiss lots of boys.
or kiss lots of girls if that's what you're into. 
when the straight and narrow gets a little too straight
roll up a joint. 
or don't.
just follow your arrow where ever it points.''

deciding: what my next house project will be... thinking about tearing up something in the kitchen.

wishing: for warmer weather. spring has half ass sprung herself.

enjoying: my curls. i have been using 'mixed chicks' shampoo and deep conditioner for 4 months and i LOVE it. 
curly girls know when we find what works we do not deviate from that. ever.

waiting: to get on a plane in a few weeks. the destination is an anniversary surprise from husband. i'll let you know where we land!

liking: the sky this month. the northern lights and eclipse. 
if you don't visit the beets+birch  FB  then you missed the dick in the sky picture over finland. that shit is real. 
you're welcome.

wondering: when i should make an appointment with immigration. i need to renew my visa. 

loving: that tom came home yesterday after being gone to london for many weeks! 

pondering: nothing too deep. i'm still working on that whole not over thinking shit.

considering: starting a book club. want to come over :D 

watching: all over the place on netflix in the last month. old movies. stand up. series. 
being the greedy twats we are we gobbled up the new season of house of cards over a few nights. then were depressed when it was over. 
then i binged 'new girl' on my own. 

hoping: for the best. i broke down and am trying a new super low dose medicine after seeing the dr again for my cholesterol. trying it out for 90 days.  

marveling: had tea with my friend alyce this week. her baby is getting so big. 

needing: not much. i'm pretty simple.

smelling: the lingering scent of baked apple bars.

wearing: comfy clothes. i wore jeans twice this month, that was enough. 
i just don't like jeans.

following: lisa thompson live... it's about life. lisa is a smart, funny, thoughtful writer that tackles some big relationship stuff through the community she's built. 

noticing: the days are getting longer. 

knowing: i am loved. 

thinking: about my girls and when i'll see them next.

admiring: free thinkers. 

sorting: winter clothes that i haven't worn in 2 winters. that shit has got to go. 
thou shall not hoard.

buying: this cup. it's on it's way! i will laugh for years. 
when i die my children will say... that was my mother's favorite mother fucking tea cup.

getting: excited for easter. i don't really know why there's no little ones here. 
no easter bunny coming. i just like easter. how about you? 

bookmarking: recipes. 

disliking: seasonal allergies. annoying.

opening: the blinds to let the sun in.

giggling: actually flat out laughing at ''chelsea handler uganda be kidding me'' (netflix). 
she's my kind of dirty bitch. 

feeling: pretty good these days. 

snacking: sparingly'ish on these  apple bars it's what you do when you have a load of apples on their death bed. 'i made them for the boys' because i shouldn't be eating them. because 2 blocks of fucking butter! 
it makes a huge pan and they freeze up well. 

coveting: some new spring clothes. my wardrobe is a bit pathetic. 

wishing: for a good night sleep. i keep waking at 4am. lay there. lay there. lay there. 

helping: by just listening. 

hearing: birds singing. 

okay kids that's a wrap on march!
keep shit real. 

*thanks goes to pip at meet me at mike's for the taking stock series. 
follow link for master list.
everyone is welcomed. jump in any time.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

bedroom makeover.

wanna see what i've been getting myself up to? 
this has been my big project around here since january.
i'm ready to say good night to this and move on

so here we go.... 

for the last 5 years. 

next pic. the wall to the far right: 
some asshole painted over the wallpaper. 
who does that!

so that's what we started with.
and now the pretty much finished project...
we are makers so we made the headboard.

and bits of the folk quilt i made.

corner of collected things from travels 
and my art work in different mediums.
oh yes and the floor was painted. 
new baseboard too.
that's 'figgy smalls' the fiddle leaf fig tree

and the cupboard doors were painted. 
yes you can paint over shit laminate with the right paint.
not saying it was fun or easy but it was so worth it.

 light fixture/mobile. 
more on that here if it pleasures you.

we are loving our new bedroom.
i hope you enjoyed the tour.