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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

hello october!

it's about to get busy around here. so brace yourself i'll have a lot to blog about this month.

carrying over the wrapping up of september post i'm going to tell you some more stuff about me that not everyone knows...
i have
2 daughters (22+28) back in michigan
3 step sons (16+17+21) here in finland
1 grandson (16 mo old) in michigan

tom and i have been married 4.5yrs. we went to school together. 
we were never boyfriend+girlfriend. just friends. 
he had a mad crush on me. but terribly shy. he got over it.

i do not believe in BFFS. 
i don't have one and i don't ever want to be one.
the word BFF actually bothers the shit out of me. it's thrown around so much that i feel like it has no value. 
i feel like it's an 'excluding' + 'intimidating' term.

imagine you're meeting someone new and they refer to their BFF.... it's like saying 'that position is filled. you're only going to get in just so far with US' 
i think that's just fuckery and quite ugly.
i have some really lovely close girlfriends that i can tell all my shit to without judgment and pure support.... i welcome you to be my friend without limitations. but sorry no BFFS in my tribe. 

back to october...
we have a school holiday coming up for the 2 school aged guys, who will be at our house for their holiday this year. 
so that means a shit ton of baking. which means when you see me i'll be rockin up in my fat pants with cookie crumbs in my cleavage.
i might even share a recipe or two on here this month. 

i can't speak for all of us in the northern hemisphere, but us michigan raised folks really romance the shit out of this autumn/fall business.
it's just our thing.

we get all into our sweater weather. changing leaf colors.
it's all things pumpkin. apples. warming spices. comfort foods. snuggling. candlelight.
short days and long nights. 

so i'm just going to leave you with those warm and fuzzy thoughts.
you'll be seeing a lot of me this month! :)
x+o tracie

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

some shit about me

saying goodbye to september. she was a good month!

here's some stuff i did this month + some stuff you probably don't know about me.
when i'm not sewing...

i hike. i love to be outside. 
i'm slightly obsessed with finding fabulous fungi in the finland forests

this was seriously the best + biggest red mushroom to date that i've stumbled upon. 
huge. big as my head.
welllll okay as big as my hand. but still that's damn big. not that i have man hands. i have normal woman hands. but this really was a big ass mushroom

this one. total potential to be a dickbomb. 
purple wonder! sorry that was an iphone pic. 

i love birch trees. these are jussssst starting to change color
i find humor in lots of places. people litter in creative drunken ways. not us. not my poison. but funny. 

 i love to wander little cool villages. tom is really good about it even if it's the SAME one that i want to keep going back to like 100000000x this is porvoo, finland. check it out some time :) i'll probably be there having a spot of tea at cafe helmi

i find dickbombs hilarous. apparently my people are there in this cool little village. we should probably just move there.

one of the joys of my life is to picnic by the sea. btw. this is my husband
tom puts up with my shit when he just wants to eat potato-fucking-salad in peace. that's love

i wear my sweater like a cape and rock the shit out of a do-rag and eat breaded zucchini veg sandwiches then lay in the sun like a toad and watch dragonflies. my kind of perfect day

i love to walk through allotment gardens. 
on this day, a crazy ass finnish woman LOST HER SHIT on me for snapping a picture of this flower on the edge of a plot that wasn't even her's. 
i wasn't picking the fucking flower. i did not enter the fucking garden plot. chill the fuck out. ruined zen moment

did you know i cook? 
yeah i do. slightly obsessed with cooking, baking and taking pictures of the beauty of it all. pure magic to me!

i've been a card carrying vegetarian for the last 20 years. 
no fad fake ass douchebaggery foodie food shit going on. 
it's just peasant simple whole food to me. it's how i nourish the one's i love
and if i cook for you, you know i love you. 
everyone else gets store bought salsa and chips and you know who you are.

do you feel that you know me a little better now? 
i hope you do!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

dickbombs and bon pussy. it's been a week.

*avert your eyes if the words ''pussy'' and ''dick'' makes you squeamish.

shit that makes me laugh
do you ever pop in over at the beets+birch facebook page
we get into some crazy shit over there. crazy. 
things spin out of control. inappropriate conversations run rampant.

visit. join the fun. like the page. your people are waiting for you. 
we play party games. you can bring a friend.

poor pussy

on that same posting we learned about 'bon pussy sauce'. 
it's a thing. 
it's an australian thing. they know shit.
i was left momentarily speechless like i took a good kick to the box.
i feel a bit more worldly from the whole experience.
however i don't suggest putting this on your poor pussy. i bet it would melt the whiskers off. 
get your hot pussy sauce here
and in random dickbombs.... 
who puts this in a window?! no. really who? that shit isn't an 'arm'... i ask. really. 
what else could it be? 

i was walking by minding my own business strolling in the little village of porvoo finland. there it was... BAM. DICKBOMB. 
i do not go looking for this shit. it finds me.

friends in blogland
if you dig my shit. you go here to 'she who rambles' now.
no i mean your hams need to run there now! 
to quote my fat pants... go ahead. i'll still be here when you get back and i know you'll be back because you always come back.

she cracks my shit up. go say hi. read her shit. she's good.
that's all i'm say'n.

tv land
it's been a shit week for shows. shit, i tells ya.

'ray donovan
mostly poor acting. 
i don't even get that this went on for 2 seasons. who watches this shit? 
ahhh fuck... yea. we did. dammit.

the only decent actor was jon voight who played the role of a pot smoking old bad ass black girl lovin dude.
he made it tolerable for me to sit through. 
i think they blew their wad on jon because the other actors. so bad.

bring on shit show #2
started to watch what i thought was 'the borgias' but it was straight up 'borgia'.
don't even fuck with me HBO nordic. 
that was some foul shit right there. 
one show and i was O-U-T. 

the ''star'' of this shit show who played 'cardinal borgia' was some shit ass american actor.
and i can say that because i'm american. 
there's 3 seasons of this shit!!! THREE! how does that happen?
looks like they had a decent sized budget. someone is watching this shit. not me. but someone.
could they have at least got an actor with a slight european accent to play the lead role or faked it???  

annnnd breath. ommmm.
i'm going with the staves this week. check them out on spotify. 

what i'm working on
finishing up some of the holiday sewing i started last week. 
i feel that things are going well.

holy snow bombs going off on that pillow! no not dickbombs.

the weather has cooled off. there's been snow spotted to the north. that shit makes me stabby!!!! 
i cleaned out the fridge and made vegetable soup. it's what i do.

so that was mostly my week. 
how about your week? how's it going? 
what are you watching? listening to? how's the weather? sewing? hear any good dirty jokes? 


Friday, September 19, 2014

and that's my week.

another quick week here.

we're having great autumn weather! 
we've ate lunch every day this week on our balcony with sunshine and a cool autumn breeze. 
planning a picnic up the coast this weekend. our nice weather is fading fast :(

music pick... ohhhhh such a tough call this week.
i'm going with iron & wine essentials full album. i've come back to this album so many times. 
a lot of beautiful imagery in the lyrics. 
i think you will enjoy it.

i've also been listening to an audiobook by brenĂ© brown  while i've been sewing.
youtube offers 3 out of the 6 hours for free. 
awsomesauce life stuff to work on. 
vulnerability, authenticity, creativity, empathy, sympathy and other good stuff like that!

brenĂ© gives it to you straight in a humours no nonsense way.
thoughts to ponder... 
'we see vulnerability in others as bravery but we see it as weakness in ourselves'.
ain't that some true shit right there.

you can also listen to my ever growing
spotify sewing tunes here and follow it if you like mellow work music. that's my thing.

finishing up nurse jackie season 4 this week. 
looking forward to the next seasons. 

shit that makes me drink:
the oven died last weekend in the middle of cooking 4 pizzas. 
new oven ordered. should be here next week.

working on:
 pillow tops
that 25 can only mean one thing.
fa-la-la-la-la-la-la-la in september
do you love working with wool? i do. 

one of my new tag designs. 

how was your week? weather?
whatcha listening too? watching? working on? 
when do you start working on holiday things?

have a great weekend!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

and in sewing news

grandma sews dicks. 

grandma sews big dicks. little dicks. sparkly dicks. 
with fur and without. 
grandma sews dicks.

that's a lot of slim jim

i raise my pincushions to you grandma holly stewart i think you are a real dickbomb.

i wonder if grandma's new found fame has make her cocky?
i'll stop.


Friday, September 12, 2014

a quick week

happy weekend! 
it was a super fast week around here! no idea where it went.

pissy today. i've had a stupid sinus headache thing going on for 3 days now. 
sick of this shit!

out and about:
a walk in the forest. i know it's coming. every year like clockwork..... 

husband: do not touch the red mushrooms. 
me: i know
husband: do not eat the red mushrooms
me: i know
husband: do not kick the red mushrooms
me: I KNOW! 
husband: i know you know. i just have to say it. 
me: i know. 

how in the hell would i eat them if i can't touch them or kick them. 
every year it's the same. 

recommendation for the week. 
check out a couple tunes by lily and madeline here and here
here's my spotify
beets+birch sewing playlist if you want to listen in. 
thanks for the great recommend last week by noelle over at grey matters. tina dico. good stuff! 

tv land:
watching nurse jackie. 
already ripped through 2 seasons of the 4. 
so far, so fabulous. maaaaaan jackie is naughty as hell! holy shit.
i love zoe. favorite! 

i'm on week #12 of my color grow out. i'm now at 1.50'' of fresh silver! yeah! 

i cut 4'' off all over. yes. i did the scissor work. 
what's the worst that could happen? ha! shave it and start over. 
yea well that could happen too! 
that was the last of the burgundy dye from 2 years ago. that shit felt like straw and it was weighing down my curls. be free curls! 
now only 8'' of bleachy/dye/shit left but that's doable for now. 
i'm looking into some new lauryl-sulfate free shampoo. 
sadly i have 3/4 of a big bottle of tigi shampoo i'm going to work through before i switch. 
too much money to toss it. 

work table:
well i got my new labels finally. 
that's a story that would send me into a rant. my head hurts too much to go into it. 
let's just say shitty customer service/communication. 
the whole process left me pissy and i will never order from that etsy shop again. 
she did refund a portion of my whole order. but still.... never again. pffffffffffffff.

how was everyone's week? did it zip by or drag? 
what are you watching? what are you listening to? 
would you be tempted to pick that red mushroom? 
how about label companies? any recommendations for my next order? 

it's almost time to pour some wine here! :) 
have a good weekend!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

red wall. naughty friends. floor porn.

i've been working on a 'little' autumn project.

it started with painting a small wall red in our entry.
she's a damn bit of fun isn't she!
why. yes. those are my fun bags

but i wanted MORE. 
the red wall was a start but i really wanted to make a statement. apparently. ohhhh you'll see.

i've had this itch (should probably get some ointment for that! bwhahaaha ) to do something different. bold. naughty.
i kinda wanted to paint the entire entry room RED but i was a bit concerned it would look like the entrance to hell or.....
a whore house.  
i restrained myself. sort of. but not really.

in enters creative friend meg.
you gotta love a woman who paints her ceiling chartreuse and makes no apologies for it. 
that's pretty bad ass in my book. 

so meg and i are going back and forth about decor and my little red wall, so i send her a pic of a painted floor i've been lusting on for a few years.

i love painted floors.
the whole painting over a wood floor is kinda bad ass to me too.

so i'm all like... 
i REALLY need to do something bold and fun. 
i'd REALLY love to paint that floor!!!!

meg's all like FUCK YAY! YOU PAINT THAT FLOOR!!!!

chartreuse ceiling painting bad ass meg and her encouragement!!!! 
i just love naughty friends like that, don't you! BEST!

soooooooo i work this painted floor idea into a conversation with the husband who desperately clings to the very beige side of the color wheel.

we've been married for 4 years and i've been pushing his decor envelope the entire time with my...

'hey, i've been thinking about doing a little project...' 

that statement is guaranteed to evoke a 'ohhh-fuck-face'.

i went in with a plan.
timing is everything. 
i made my case after he had 2 shots of whiskey. fact.

i came locked and loaded with an arsenal of visuals and compelling arguments. 

there might have been cleavage and a promise of naked twister.
i've been a bit of a live wire lately. he's been rolling with it.  

he came back with a yes on shot #3!!!!

didn't have to tell me yes twice! 
my hams RAN for sandpaper and painters tape! RAN!

wait for it...
this is the statement i was hoping for!
a few more shots if this pleasures you. 
yea um i kinda meant it like that. have yourself some lady-time. go ahead.

money shot!

now the down and dirty bits of it all.
pretty much the center was fun because it was naughty bad ass painting on wood floor fun..... yeaaa fun for like 20 whole minutes.
from there on out it was work. 
a lot of work. 
soooo much getting up and down. 
i was dying! so very sore for days! 
seriously DYING! my ass was killing me. from neck to ankles. dying.

the scary part came as i was closing in on the edges to the walls. 
i could see i had gotten off kilter and it was getting really kittywampus. 
it was not going to finish symmetrically on both sides... 
not just by a little off. i was off by A LOT! 
the edges were like a wedge-looking-piece-of-shit-OFF-A-LOT!
no idea how this happened, but oh it did.
totally not in a 'ohhh how bohemian quirky cool is that' way.
no. it wasn't even in a good way at all.

i was just wrecked! 
i seriously questioned if i should sand it all off and start over or just start drinking and burn the whole fucking building down before anyone saw what i did. 

i had to do some fast math. 
i started tweaking the lines!!! 
what pain in the ass it was. but i made it work. 

despite all the pain i must say
I LOVE IT! i really really LOVE IT!
i'm so glad i did it! 
the statement wall turned into the statement floor!

the very best part was when the husband said... 
wow that looks good. really good. i love it. seriously honey. i do. 
i thanked him for trusting me and it was really pure trust and confidence.
it speaks volumes how he sees my ability to carry out my vision. 
even when i question myself.

want to do something bold?
i will be your naughty friend!!!!
i will scream FUCK YAY!!!! PAINT THAT FLOOR!!!!
if it goes to shit i will bring you wine and a match and we'll never speak of it again.


*if you were wondering. we own our apartment. we can do whatever the hell we want.
if you are renting, you really need to ask permission. you might want to offer up whiskey before you ask :)

**here's the deets:
the project cost approx 75€ wall+floor.
paint. painters tape. sandpaper. ibuprofen. wine.

time: approx 2 weeks due to drying times and working around life stuff.

i used all water based products.

teknos paint
red color: marmeladi
top finish: med matte

rest of colors
basic black matte latex.
tan i custom mixed 5:1 ratio of pure white and burnt sienna latex

special thanks to the paint department @ prisma (kaari) for all the advice and translations on the side of the can. best customer service i've had in finland yet!
x+o again