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Friday, September 19, 2014

and that's my week.

another quick week here.

we're having great autumn weather! 
we've ate lunch every day this week on our balcony with sunshine and a cool autumn breeze. 
planning a picnic up the coast this weekend. our nice weather is fading fast :(

music pick... ohhhhh such a tough call this week.
i'm going with iron & wine essentials full album. i've come back to this album so many times. 
a lot of beautiful imagery in the lyrics. 
i think you will enjoy it.

i've also been listening to an audiobook by brenĂ© brown  while i've been sewing.
youtube offers 3 out of the 6 hours for free. 
awsomesauce life stuff to work on. 
vulnerability, authenticity, creativity, empathy, sympathy and other good stuff like that!

brenĂ© gives it to you straight in a humours no nonsense way.
thoughts to ponder... 
'we see vulnerability in others as bravery but we see it as weakness in ourselves'.
ain't that some true shit right there.

you can also listen to my ever growing
spotify sewing tunes here and follow it if you like mellow work music. that's my thing.

finishing up nurse jackie season 4 this week. 
looking forward to the next seasons. 

shit that makes me drink:
the oven died last weekend in the middle of cooking 4 pizzas. 
new oven ordered. should be here next week.

working on:
 pillow tops
that 25 can only mean one thing.
fa-la-la-la-la-la-la-la in september
do you love working with wool? i do. 

one of my new tag designs. 

how was your week? weather?
whatcha listening too? watching? working on? 
when do you start working on holiday things?

have a great weekend!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

and in sewing news

grandma sews dicks. 

grandma sews big dicks. little dicks. sparkly dicks. 
with fur and without. 
grandma sews dicks.

that's a lot of slim jim

i raise my pincushions to you grandma holly stewart i think you are a real dickbomb.

i wonder if grandma's new found fame has make her cocky?
i'll stop.


Friday, September 12, 2014

a quick week

happy weekend! 
it was a super fast week around here! no idea where it went.

pissy today. i've had a stupid sinus headache thing going on for 3 days now. 
sick of this shit!

out and about:
a walk in the forest. i know it's coming. every year like clockwork..... 

husband: do not touch the red mushrooms. 
me: i know
husband: do not eat the red mushrooms
me: i know
husband: do not kick the red mushrooms
me: I KNOW! 
husband: i know you know. i just have to say it. 
me: i know. 

how in the hell would i eat them if i can't touch them or kick them. 
every year it's the same. 

recommendation for the week. 
check out a couple tunes by lily and madeline here and here
here's my spotify
beets+birch sewing playlist if you want to listen in. 
thanks for the great recommend last week by noelle over at grey matters. tina dico. good stuff! 

tv land:
watching nurse jackie. 
already ripped through 2 seasons of the 4. 
so far, so fabulous. maaaaaan jackie is naughty as hell! holy shit.
i love zoe. favorite! 

i'm on week #12 of my color grow out. i'm now at 1.50'' of fresh silver! yeah! 

i cut 4'' off all over. yes. i did the scissor work. 
what's the worst that could happen? ha! shave it and start over. 
yea well that could happen too! 
that was the last of the burgundy dye from 2 years ago. that shit felt like straw and it was weighing down my curls. be free curls! 
now only 8'' of bleachy/dye/shit left but that's doable for now. 
i'm looking into some new lauryl-sulfate free shampoo. 
sadly i have 3/4 of a big bottle of tigi shampoo i'm going to work through before i switch. 
too much money to toss it. 

work table:
well i got my new labels finally. 
that's a story that would send me into a rant. my head hurts too much to go into it. 
let's just say shitty customer service/communication. 
the whole process left me pissy and i will never order from that etsy shop again. 
she did refund a portion of my whole order. but still.... never again. pffffffffffffff.

how was everyone's week? did it zip by or drag? 
what are you watching? what are you listening to? 
would you be tempted to pick that red mushroom? 
how about label companies? any recommendations for my next order? 

it's almost time to pour some wine here! :) 
have a good weekend!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

red wall. naughty friends. floor porn.

i've been working on a 'little' autumn project.

it started with painting a small wall red in our entry.
she's a damn bit of fun isn't she!
why. yes. those are my fun bags

but i wanted MORE. 
the red wall was a start but i really wanted to make a statement. apparently. ohhhh you'll see.

i've had this itch (should probably get some ointment for that! bwhahaaha ) to do something different. bold. naughty.
i kinda wanted to paint the entire entry room RED but i was a bit concerned it would look like the entrance to hell or.....
a whore house.  
i restrained myself. sort of. but not really.

in enters creative friend meg.
you gotta love a woman who paints her ceiling chartreuse and makes no apologies for it. 
that's pretty bad ass in my book. 

so meg and i are going back and forth about decor and my little red wall, so i send her a pic of a painted floor i've been lusting on for a few years.

i love painted floors.
the whole painting over a wood floor is kinda bad ass to me too.

so i'm all like... 
i REALLY need to do something bold and fun. 
i'd REALLY love to paint that floor!!!!

meg's all like FUCK YAY! YOU PAINT THAT FLOOR!!!!

chartreuse ceiling painting bad ass meg and her encouragement!!!! 
i just love naughty friends like that, don't you! BEST!

soooooooo i work this painted floor idea into a conversation with the husband who desperately clings to the very beige side of the color wheel.

we've been married for 4 years and i've been pushing his decor envelope the entire time with my...

'hey, i've been thinking about doing a little project...' 

that statement is guaranteed to evoke a 'ohhh-fuck-face'.

i went in with a plan.
timing is everything. 
i made my case after he had 2 shots of whiskey. fact.

i came locked and loaded with an arsenal of visuals and compelling arguments. 

there might have been cleavage and a promise of naked twister.
i've been a bit of a live wire lately. he's been rolling with it.  

he came back with a yes on shot #3!!!!

didn't have to tell me yes twice! 
my hams RAN for sandpaper and painters tape! RAN!

wait for it...
this is the statement i was hoping for!
a few more shots if this pleasures you. 
yea um i kinda meant it like that. have yourself some lady-time. go ahead.

money shot!

now the down and dirty bits of it all.
pretty much the center was fun because it was naughty bad ass painting on wood floor fun..... yeaaa fun for like 20 whole minutes.
from there on out it was work. 
a lot of work. 
soooo much getting up and down. 
i was dying! so very sore for days! 
seriously DYING! my ass was killing me. from neck to ankles. dying.

the scary part came as i was closing in on the edges to the walls. 
i could see i had gotten off kilter and it was getting really kittywampus. 
it was not going to finish symmetrically on both sides... 
not just by a little off. i was off by A LOT! 
the edges were like a wedge-looking-piece-of-shit-OFF-A-LOT!
no idea how this happened, but oh it did.
totally not in a 'ohhh how bohemian quirky cool is that' way.
no. it wasn't even in a good way at all.

i was just wrecked! 
i seriously questioned if i should sand it all off and start over or just start drinking and burn the whole fucking building down before anyone saw what i did. 

i had to do some fast math. 
i started tweaking the lines!!! 
what pain in the ass it was. but i made it work. 

despite all the pain i must say
I LOVE IT! i really really LOVE IT!
i'm so glad i did it! 
the statement wall turned into the statement floor!

the very best part was when the husband said... 
wow that looks good. really good. i love it. seriously honey. i do. 
i thanked him for trusting me and it was really pure trust and confidence.
it speaks volumes how he sees my ability to carry out my vision. 
even when i question myself.

want to do something bold?
i will be your naughty friend!!!!
i will scream FUCK YAY!!!! PAINT THAT FLOOR!!!!
if it goes to shit i will bring you wine and a match and we'll never speak of it again.


*if you were wondering. we own our apartment. we can do whatever the hell we want.
if you are renting, you really need to ask permission. you might want to offer up whiskey before you ask :)

**here's the deets:
the project cost approx 75€ wall+floor.
paint. painters tape. sandpaper. ibuprofen. wine.

time: approx 2 weeks due to drying times and working around life stuff.

i used all water based products.

teknos paint
red color: marmeladi
top finish: med matte

rest of colors
basic black matte latex.
tan i custom mixed 5:1 ratio of pure white and burnt sienna latex

special thanks to the paint department @ prisma (kaari) for all the advice and translations on the side of the can. best customer service i've had in finland yet!
x+o again

Friday, September 5, 2014

what's new lovelies?

my week in review.

what i've been listening to on repeat this week

rose cousins – stray birds EP on spotify

love rose! love.
was so happy she put out a new album!
her cover of 
'if you could read my mind' 
sooo damn good. 

if you are a spotify user... 
here's one of my spotify work music playlist:
beets+birch work tunes
if you want to listen in :)

i am a music junky!
last year a gift from the husband.
commercial free spotify + wireless apple airport+ airfoil speakers=
THE BEST most thoughtful favorite gift EVER! EVER! EVER!
music fills the flat from 6am until all of 8pm. 
that's a lot of tunes that's a gift that has given me joy every single day! i'm just simple like that. seriously.

tv land:
just finished up season 4 of game of thrones.

well. i have to say i struggled through a lot of it. 
a heavy handed dose of twisted gory shit. if that's your thing you will love it. 
it's not my thing.
it's just not my favorite genre and totally not the husbands but he seemed to be all about the story lines which amazed the hell out of me. 
if i was on my own i would've maybe watched just one episode and been done with it.

yes, we will watch season 5 when it comes out so i guess that does say a lot.
i did get invested in some of the characters. 
sometimes it was a bit comical. 
my parting statement on this so far: i was impressed at so many strong women characters. 

meet new friend noelle 
all around great read. 
in no particular order:
funny. traveler. tweeter. authentic blogger. stylish. canadian. great taste in music. foodie. pinner. yummy recipe sharer. wine drinker. swearer. drinks her smoothie with a glass straw that looks like a crack pipe. lovely photography. and you can see her fantastic hair (that's worth the ticket price alone)

go visit. make friends. 

what i'm working on:
ohhhh well now that's something to chat about! 

i will have the big reveal next week. sorry. 
we'll discuss next week. promise.
in the mean time i will be drinking copious amounts of wine this weekend to celebrate the completion of this project!

what are you listening to? watching? working on? make any new friends? cook anything fabulous? 

have a great weekend gal pals! 

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

it's just hair.

this is not whatso ever a creative post today. it's a personal post. 

if you tune into the B+B facebook you know about my hair....
if not, here we go. 

this shouldn't be some big deal but it's been.
i'm not coloring my hair any more.
yes, that's right i've officially joined the silver sisterhood.

i've actually had 2 attempts at this natural thing. 

first time was at age 25 i stopped coloring while i was pregnant. i really am a bit of a crunchy earth girl at heart and i kept color free for 3 years.

i started going silver in 2 smallish areas at my temples. 
one day i had my hair put up in a high ponytail and someone told me i looked like.... 'the bride of frankenstein'. 
crushed me. 
the very sensitive insecure 28 yr old version of me cried in the bathroom as i mixed a bottle of color.
i proceeded to color for the next 20 yrs.

when i turned 40 (which was 8 yrs ago) i started talking to my hairdresser about how to ease into going natural. 
it was going to be the 'new 40 yr old me'. ha. well. no. 
i did LOTS of wonderful things in my 40's i have LOVED being in my 40's 
BEST BEST BEST time of my life hands down so far. 
i'm actually looking forward to my 50's because the 40's have been so empowering and liberating.

sorry i digressed there.... 
ah yes, hairdressers! 
personally i haven't found one yet that will support this without giving me a rash of shit over MY fucking hair color!
meanwhile i kept backing down and forking over another $125+ every month for the pleasure of staying in that cut/color-highlight-lowlight loop of hair hell with chemical burnt scalp. nothing like an allergic reaction to say this is a good idea to keep subjecting yourself to for 20 years! smh.

i'd leave the salon telling myself... this was THE last damn time. seriously. 
i will stop this... i will not color again in 4 weeks, by God i will stand up to her and tell her NO or i will find a new hairdresser who understands what i want and support me, ease me into this... HA you know changing hairdressers is a nightmare i did do it a few times too.
so another 4 weeks rolled around and i crawled back to the salon and did it again. 
damn it tracie. damn it all to hell.

i finally stopped the madness after 'the shitty year' episode... just like that i decided i was done. DONE!

i think it was part of the process of empowerment and letting go of shit that's been dragging me down. 
that whole hair thing has been dragging me down. 
it just hasn't felt like the real ME no matter what color i've had on there. the truth is... it's felt like just another part of me that's been covered up and not authentic. 
this is not a statement or a judgment about anyone else. 
this is about how i've been feeling in my heart about ME. i really do not care what anyone else does to their hair. that's not my shit.

in the process of this over the years this is just some of the shit people have said to me:

1) ''ohhh NO! aren't you afraid you will look old?'' 

well holy shit i didn't think OF THAT!! all bets are off! i'll just keep coloring then because i might actually just look MY AGE... like that is a such a horrid thing! wtf. i kinda got it going on at 48. so no not afraid at all. isn't there bigger things to be afraid of?

2) with squished up face...
''you're really NOT going to color any more? at your age!?!?!?''

yea. really. please tell me when i'm at the appropriate age for YOU to be comfortable with it.

3) ''NO WAY! you're too young to go grey!!!'' 

well apparently not if i have fucking grey hair!
i had silvers at 22, so no i'm not too young at 48 to have grey hair. it's annoying. stop saying that shit. it's actually pretty rude.
i had no say in this at 22 any more than i have over the color of my eyes. it's just how i'm made. 

3) ''aren't you afraid you'll look washed out and tired?'' 

afraid? no. i'm afraid of the chemicals i've wrapped around my skull for decades. that scares the living shit out of me. i can't keep doing it. i just can't.

4) ''WELLL i'm going to color MYYYY hair until the DAY I DIE!''

great. that's your prerogative. good for you. seriously though, i do not care.
do not try to shame me for NOT coloring. i don't care if you color your hair.
i don't care if you color your corn rowed pubes lime green with a hot pink lightning bolt braided down to your knees with pony beads. i don't care. i do not fucking care.

it's a completely personal thing for all of us. 
your shaming statement says 
so much more about YOUR INSECURITIES than it does about mine. 

5) hehe ''50 shades of....'' 


6) ''oh geez what's next? are you going to buzz it off really short and start wearing birkenstocks and lesbian plaid?'' 

yes, i think so and maybe i will get a big wallet with a chain too. 
i'd totally rock that look out and be fabulous and i'd have the chicks all up on my shit. emhmm that's right i would!
again, seriously wtf.

folks let me tell you right now i had no idea anyone would take MY hair color so personally. 
who knew it would give license to give me unsolicited and rude opinions. 
who knew anyone would give a shit at all.
who knew.

my last color was june 15, 2014. 
i'm in for some shitty hair months and i'm okay with that. 
i've never felt so liberated. 
i've never felt more authentic. 
i've never felt so beautiful just being ME.
how about you? have you been struggling with this? have you taken the plunge?


Tuesday, August 19, 2014

this week

hands down this weeks pick goes to
ghost and gale 
i am obsessed with them! they went immediately in my spotify playlist, the whole self titled album is fabulous! you're welcome.

tv land:
just started watching 'games of thrones' wasn't even interested in it. i know people are obsessed with it... i'm not there yet. but i am watching. i'll let you know if i love it. 
*disclaimer i only watch netflix or nordic hbo. i do this for my husband. if it were up to me we wouldn't own a tv. we watch a few hrs in the evening to unwind. if i was the entertainment boss we would listen to music, play cards/games, naked twister, read. in general i loathe tv i'd throw that shit out the window. 

work table:

these little lovelies will be in my (shop) soon! 

they are 'fun bags'! 
they hang! they sit! 
they mountain climb! they skydive! they charm snakes! 
(no. not the last 3 things. but they have a fairly rigid bottoms so they can sit on their own or hang)
the tab can be tucked in or left out! 
they hold a big drinking glass or some other liner, you can grow herbs (wink-wink-nudge-nudge. i don't judge), little plants or use them as a vase for flowers! 
so stylishly sweet in the kitchen!
or at the front door, toss in your keys, change, mail, junk, stuff... organize your desk! organize your bathroom! the kiddies room... get the stuff off your dresser!

they are bags. they are fun.  
grab ahold of some fun bags! 

how's your week going? what'cha listening too? watching? working on?