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Friday, February 27, 2015

having a little fun in the bedroom...

as promised here's one of the projects in our bedroom renovation.
we had just a little bit of sun today. i ran to get a snap.  

so here's one of the fun things in the room... 
it's a mobile that secretly doubles as a light fixture! 

i wish you all could come lay on my bed. 
i'll pull the shades and light candles.
let's get wrapped up in the big fluffy down comforter and quilts.
we'll whisper and watch the mobile's shadows dance on the walls and ceiling. 

with just the slightest air flow it softly twists and turns and turns and turns. 
it's magical and soothing and makes me sleepy. 
i highly recommend a mobile if you have trouble falling asleep. 

it's a magpie's stash of tchotchkes that made up the mobile.
there's numbers, letters, hearts and butterflies from my collections. 

a glass heart from a trip to tuscany. 

are your eyes getting heavy? 

it's about the size of a big bushel basket so it's quite substantial for the size of the room but still feels light and airy.

yes indeed that is the painted entry getting up into the pic.

i'm having such fun with this room! 
happy friday!
x+o tracie

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

shit talkin on february

i'm behind on my writing lately i'm
still working on our bedroom renovation around here. that's my reason. period.
every single day there has been painting or sewing or details.
the rest of the house has gone to shit because of it.  

but i am loving how it's coming together..... looooooooooving. 
i'll be doing some posts about the different projects that went down in there. 

meanwhile this month is about in the can so it's time for another edition of 
(cue game show music and applause sign)


making: still stitching on the new bedroom quilt

cooking: oatmeal. a lot of fucking oatmeal these days. we'll get to why later.

drinking: pomegranate tea michele brought me from turkey! 
it's delightful!!!!! 

also drinking: red wine it's my pleasure nectar however 
as we are setting up our bar cart which is actually a shelf. 

so it's not a cart at all and it has no wheels. 
that made me laugh hard. man i'm really fucked.

so anyway... gin tonics are becoming a thing around here. 
gin tonics yeah!


reading: 'thug kitchen. eat like you give a fuck' 
i love this fucking cookbook! 
i laugh and laugh and then i cook up some good fucking food.

wanting: very little. 

looking: at design inspiration for making our headboard. 
we are makers. i see very little that i like in the stores. 
make your own shit that's what i say.

playing: beck's new album 'morning phase' 
in love with every single song. 
i'm glad he won the grammy. so talented. 

deciding: on the artwork for bedroom.

wishing: for more sunshine.

enjoying: life. it's good shit even when it gets yucky.
keep swimmin you sparkly mofos. keep swimmin. 

waiting: for new season of 'house of cards'.a few more days!

liking: that i got out and hiked almost every single day this month even when i didn't feel like it. in the rain. in the snow. on the ice. in the cold wind. 
high five bad-ass self.

wondering: will the construction ever stop in our building! it's been 6 weeks of pounding, drilling, jackhammers. they start some mornings at 6.45am. 
the concrete drill sounds like chewbacca. 
not even kidding.

loving: our new bedroom. yes i'm telling you that again dammit.

pondering: nothing too deep. i made a pact with myself that february was a month of not spinning myself out on bullshit or fucked up fucking fuckers. winning!  

considering: what kind of soup to make this week.

watching: i gave in to 'downton abbey' 
this is one of my mannnnny
''i'm being a dick because everyone likes it so i don't want to like/watch/read/listen/eat things''. 
it's the whole kale thing all over again. 
love downton abbey and kale. oh fuck me i just do! 

hoping: i can bring down my cholesterol. 

it's ridiculous high still so i'm back to eating a fuckton of oatmeal. 

marveling: at my bad-ass women friends. 
we throw our hearts up in the air and all yell in unison.... 

needing: very little.

smelling: i'm super sensitive to scents. 
i bought a new shower gel. 
smells so good in the bottle. 
smells like rotten granny vag spray on my actual skin.

it made me so nauseous i had to take another shower and scrub the 
rotten granny vag smell off. 
it's my chemistry apparently.

wearing: ha! you know it's yoga pants. 

following: talented artsy blog: girl fifteen clare is a multi medium artist with mad skills in photography, jewelry design, sketching and lots more. 

noticing: new growth on my fiddle leaf fig who's name is ''figgy smalls''. 
i can talk on my green babies long and hard.

knowing: my life is damn good!

thinking: i'm damn lucky!

admiring: my husband inside and out. such a good man.

sorting: through art pieces and little treasures. 

buying: some plane tickets soon. destination to be determined.

getting: my shit together. spring cleaning started today. 

bookmarking: well more like pinning a lot of things lately. 

disliking: FB less than i did 1 month ago. 
i did a FB enema implementing the drop and block unfollow and unfriend options. 
it did wonders for my zen. i highly recommend it.

opening: my mouth. using my words. 

giggling: tom with a gin and tonic. shit that man makes me laugh until my face hurts. 

feeling: happy.

snacking: on a tangerine everyday. boring. i know. 

coveting: a little nap. 

wishing: that the little girls wouldn't scream in the courtyard. 
little girl screams. worst. 
a nap will not be had. 

helping: myself. you know that health testing bullshit you put off. yea i'm doing all that this year.

hearing: rain hitting the window. dreary cold day. 

okay that's pretty much a wrap on february!
keep shit real! 

*thanks goes to pip at meet me at mike's for the taking stock series. 
follow link for master list.
everyone is welcomed. jump in any time. 

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

that time we smoked pot in amsterdam and had pie

this weeks cooking challenge. dutch apple pie.
tom's been asking for my pie bwhahaha... an apple pie. 
it's almost valentine's day, we are celebrating a little early this week. 

i make a mean apple pie but it's not a recipe challenge if i make the same kick ass apple pie i always make.
i gotta keep the man guessing!

i came across this recipe and i laughed. hard.
i laughed because the last time i had dutch apple pie was in 

the reason dutch apple pie is so funny... 
i was properly toasted on ganja in the land of the dutch. 
wandering the streets i yell out

when the munchies hit the dude abides.

we ducked into the first pie joint we came across!

we had coffee and dutch apple. 
we pounded that shit and bought a whole fucking pie to go.

we forgot to ask for forks. 
we ate the whole pie in bed.... with our hands. 
damn that was good pie. 

go to amsterdam for a holiday. 
the shit you left behind will still be there when you get back.
enjoy your fucking life. 
make no apologies.

buy dutch apple pie. 
smoke reefer.
eat pie in bed.
laugh a lot. 
sing to each other. 
make the sweet love.
take a nap.

or just make a dutch apple pie at home 
serve it up with some vanilla ice cream and watch netflix in your underwear. who cares. 
it's your fucking pie.

dutch apple pie
serves 8 or 
2 fried out fuckers

1 deep dish pie crust.

5 1/2 c peeled cored sliced cooking apples. 
**use your favorite baking apples. i always cook with 2 varieties
i used 4 granny smith.
plus 4 golden delicious apples.

1/2 T lemon juice
1/2 c white sugar
(i used 3/4c because of the tart apples)
1/4 c brown sugar, packed
3 T flour
1 tsp cinnamon
1/4 tsp nutmeg

crumble top:
3/4 cup flour
1/4 cup granulated sugar
1/4 cup brown sugar, packed
60 g or 1/3 c butter room temp.

fit crust into pie plate.

toss sliced apples with lemon juice.

mix both sugars,flour,cinnamon and nutmeg.
toss it up into those apples.
pour into crust.

topping instructions:

with a pastry blender or a fork
mix flour, both sugars and butter until that shit is coarsely crumbled.

sprinkle that crumble evenly over apples.
bake that sweet fucker at 190/375°F for 50 minutes.

check at 40min
if it looks too dark cover top with aluminum foil. 

made pretty much to the letter from this recipe at 
bunny's warm oven.

amsterdam......damn i love that place. 


*thank you reannon over at she who rambles  for hosting the recipe challenge! 
everyone is welcomed, jump in any time! 

Saturday, February 7, 2015

kale. fucking kale.

do you ever get so tired of hearing about something that you are a total dick about trying it?

that's me with kale. 

i admit it i am a dick about anything that becomes popular. 
it's the nonconformist in me. 


kale kale kale all the time with the fucking kale. 

in *the cooking challenge i did it.
the douchiest dickiest of all things kale.... fucking kale chips.
i did it so i could tell you how douchey kale chips are.

i hang my head.
i like them. a lot. 
i've made them 3 times now.

i've joined up with the other kale chip assholes. 
i don't even recognize myself anymore. 

look away. i'm hideous. 

fucking kale chips.

bundle of kale. doesn't even matter what kind. whatever.
olive oil 
sea salt

wash the shit out of the kale. 
shake it out. let it air dry. don't waste a roll of paper on it. that's a wasteful dick move.

tear the leaves off the hard main vein. ha! 
in big bowl 
toss with a good solid drizzle of oil and salt.

lay it out in a single layer on a baking sheet. 

bake it up for 25-30 min. on 150c/300f
you want it crispy... but don't burn that shit. 
let it sit for a few minutes. 
pound them into your kale eating kale holes.

i've made them with just salt.
a batch with cajun seasoning. spicy delicious! 
also with salt and smoked paprika. pictured above.
it's all been excellent. 

go make some fucking kale chips. 


*thank you reannon over at she who rambles for hosting the recipe challenge! 
everyone is welcomed, jump in any time! 

Saturday, January 31, 2015

life lessons. man friends.

can men and women just be friends?
ahhh those life lessons.

i ran across this article and yep. there it is. 
there's scientific proof men and women just can't be friends. 

okay so maybe you can. it just doesn't work for me. 
i got all jangled up in this preDICKament as a single gal.
shit got awkward.

thanks for sorting that shit out samantha jones!
no scientific study needed.

i always thought i could have platonic friendships with men and then..... 
i was single in my 40's. 

you find out who your friends are during a divorce.
i got schooled really quick on friendships.

today i'll start with men friendship lessons. 

man friend: i'm so sorry about your divorce (yea he's not!)
you know (fidget-fidget) i've always been attracted to you.
you know that. right?

me: ahhhhh no. noooo, i did not. (oh fuck)

man friend: OH COME ON! you HAD to know! (people turn to look)

me: no. realllllly, i did not. (scanning for exit)

man friend: well you've been sending me signals.

me: no i don't think so. (struggling to suppress visible cringe)

man friend: i know you're going through a man hating thing right now. 
we don't have to have a ''relationship'' (he did air quotes here) but maybe we could be friends, you know......... 
with benefits. (does exaggerated wink)

me: um no. we will not be fucking. (note to self: buy more batteries)

i cannot be friends with men. 
i cannot fuck men who do air quotes. 
i got rules.


Wednesday, January 28, 2015

taking stock and shit.

i'm in a jangly mood this week. lots of stuff in my head. 
i'm edgy and lots of stuff is getting on my fucking nerves.
i hate feeling like that. it messes with my good vibes. 

for no reason. here's a picture from our spain trip last year. 
anyone up for some spain and sangria.
hello... anyone???
i'll meet you there.

i'm in the middle of our bedroom renovation.
i'd give you a before picture except it would be a picture of a white sterile box of a room. 
nothing to see here folks. 
however the makeover. yea that's totally something.
despite my pissiness that makes me really happy this week!

i haven't even felt like blogging this week. 
i've sat down a few times to write and it just hasn't flowed.
so fuck it i'll catch up later.

i've been wanting to join in and do a 
taking stock post from *meet me at mike's for a while. 
this week seemed to be a good week to jump into this. 
so this is the short of what i've got myself up to:

Making : a quilt for bedroom renovation.
Cooking : soup. always with the soup around here.
Drinking : tea. pukka's wild apple+cinnamon.
Reading: struggling to finish 'committed' by elizabeth gilbert.
Wanting: spring to come.
Looking: at the tree outside the window bending with the wind.

Playing: music. listening to 'the national parks' helsinki. 

Deciding: on when to go to ikea. 
Wishing: the bedroom project was done. 
Enjoying: momentary quiet. there's been construction in our building for 3 weeks.
Waiting: for an answer on something important.
Liking: the bedroom project very much.
Wondering: about too much.

Loving: that i am out walking every single day. 
Pondering: light fixtures for bedroom.
Considering: my options.
Watching: mad men. started from the start again. currently on season 4.
Hoping: for the best. 

Marvelling: at strong bad ass women i know.
Needing: some fucking zen.
Smelling: vegetable soup cooking.
Wearing: yoga pants. always with the yoga pants. don't even give a shit any more.

Following: some new blogs. put on your pearls so you have something to clutch. they let the fucks and a whole lot more fly! 

Noticing: a lot of small things. 
Knowing: things will work out.
Thinking: too much. over thinking.
Admiring: people who can really say fuck it and let things go.
Sorting: storage situation in bedroom.
Buying: groceries.

Getting: rid of clothing that i do not wear.
Bookmarking: pages in a cookbook.
Disliking: anxiety. uncertainty. fb. bullies. fake people. liars.
Opening: my mind.
Giggling: about not much this week.
Feeling: tired. i woke today at 5am. what the hell!

Snacking: pistachios. i shouldn't bring those bastards into this house. 
Coveting: a nap. do i sound like a grumpy shit? 
Wishing: i could see my girls. missing. bad. always.
Helping: someone i love get through a rough patch.
Hearing: too much bullshit this week.

okay that's it. 
keepin shit real. 
have a good wednesday. 

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

fancy ass-carrot ginger soup

so hey how's the new year working out for ya?
did anyone make goals/resolutions to take better care of themselves in 2015?
i did and i'm doing pretty good so far!
i've been hitting the green smoothies, eating healthy, eating TONS of fiber, cutting down on the sugar, moving my hams! 

i resolved to get outside and start back at my walking. 
i've been ice walking with american expat gal pal michele over at finland adventures and her pup shiva before the sun comes up!
plus i'm walking with tom most evenings + weekends. 

so i've been looking for lighter new things to make. 
we love soup year round, this one goes on rotation as of today!

when i spotted the recipe... i was all like oooooh
this is either going to be fabulous or soooo fabulous.
ohhhh yeah it is sooooo very fabulous! 

i had 2 bowls out of the gate. i want another now.
it's so easy i'm almost embarrassed to put this one in the challenge.... it really was no challenge at all. so easy!
i am so happy with this soup i'd serve it to company and pretend i was being all fancy and shit.
if you come for lunch, just play along.
i served this with savory goat cheese drop biscuits
i'll share the recipe with you next time. promise!
if you like carrots and the warmth of ginger this is your soup!
i had this in a dicky little vegetarian joint in manhattan in my travels.
i paid $12 for a bowl of soup and a chunk of bread. it was delicious. it was. but seriously $12 for soup?
i yell out... 
THE WHOLE POT costs 50¢ to make! 
okay. fine. maybe $3 and i'm going to say this was BETTER!

2 T evoo (olive oil)
1 md onion, diced
3 T ginger peeled and fine chopped (minced)make sure you measure this out. don't eye ball it. ginger is strong. scale back if you're not sure. 
3/4 tsp ground coriander seed
5 c (1 kilo or approx 2 lbs) carrots peeled. small diced
3 c vegetable broth (i use 2 veg bouillon + 3 c water) 
1 c milk 
fresh milled s+p to taste

heat olive oil in soup pot over medium heat.  
add onions saute until translucent, about 4 minutes.  
add ginger, saute for another 4 minutes, until softened. 
SHIT that smells so good!!! 
add the coriander, diced carrots, broth, reduce heat.
simmer until carrots are completely softened, about 30 minutes uncovered.  
remove from heat. allow to cool for 20 minutes or so.
i was busy it sat for 2 hrs. so this isn't a fussy thing.
using a blender (or an emulsion blender right in the pot)
puree soup. as smooth as it pleasures you. 
i'd say i pureed 3/4 of the pot in the blender. 
i kept back some carrots i wanted it a bit chunky.
but you can puree it until completely smooth. 
return soup to pot, stir in milk. 
gently heat it back up add s+p to taste. 

serve that shit up and enjoy!
original vegan recipe found here

that's it! 

rewarm gently. 

go make soup! now you're fancy too! wink-wink 


*thank you reannon for hosting the recipe challenge! 
everyone is welcomed, jump in any time!